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The thing my childhood nightmares were made of has just resurfaced with the news that “The Maze Runner” star Will Poulter will be playing Pennywise the Clown in Cary Fukunaga’s “IT“ remake. Cary originally eyed Ben Mendelsohn but he was already scooped up to do “Star Wars: Rogue One” which gave him the opportunity
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John Wick

Lionsgate confirmed this week that they plan to produce a sequel to 2014’s critically-acclaimed breakout hit action flick, John Wick. Keanu Reeves along with directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, as well as screenwriter, Derek Kolstad, are set to return for the sequel. “With such tremendous fan and critical support for
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Suicide Squad_comic

Not that Suicide Squad. The other one. Monday haven’t even ended yet, and we’re getting a bunch of pictures this week of the assembled Task Force X, aka The Suicide Squad. And to think that Joker was all the rage until the big reveal just over a week ago. First
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Star wars day_astronauts

No big deal, just some astronauts celebrating Star Wars Day by watching some Star Wars. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) tweeted from an official NASA Twitter account revealing that they are celebrating Star Wars Day by screening one of the movies. The choice of which movie they decided to watch
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gwendoline christie

Vanity Fair’s Star Wars cover spread doesn’t start appearing on newsstands until May 12, but there’s already a leaked image floating about concerning a certain trooper all clad in chrome armor. The scuttlebutt during Star Wars Celebration was that Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie is the Chrome Trooper. It was pure rumor
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Jem and the Holograms 2

They are the Misfits and they think their songs are better..and they’re gonna get her! In issue 2 of Jem and the Holograms we’re introduced right away to Pizzazz, Jetta, Stormer and Roxy who are The Misfits. They’re prepping for their ‘The Misfits vs.’ contest and right off the bat
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Curb Stomp 3

In issue 3 of Curb Stomp the riff between The Wrath and The Fever comes to a head no thanks to the Mayors doing from the previous issue. The Fever heads to Bayside to ask for help from another one of their rivals gangs and get a clue as to
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Which Superheroes deserve a video game from the Marvel Cinematic Universe top

The biggest impression that The Avengers: Age Of Ultron has left on me in hindsight, is how Joss Whedon despite all the pressure he had on his shoulders to expand the universe for future Marvel films outside this particular narrative, he has managed to create an exciting film with his
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