BREAKING BAD minimalist episodes posters

With Breaking Bad coming to an end tonight we thought it was only appropriate to share Francesco Francavilla‘s Breaking Bad minimalist episodes posters. Burnt oranges and muted yellows perfectly represent the New Mexico setting of the show. The use of minimalist styling is the perfect medium for subtly showing the dark brutality of the Vince Gilligan‘s masterpiece.

Francavilla has started doing minimalist posters for Sleepy Hollow. You can check out more of his work on his Tumblr. Keep reading to check out a few of the Breaking Bad minimalist posters.

breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist2 breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist3 breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist4 breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist5breaking-bad-episodes-minimalist-final


Here is Francavilla’s description of his finale poster:

Episode 5.16 “FINALE”
Minimalist Episode Poster by Francesco Francavilla

No, I haven’t seen the last episode yet and yes, I know its title will be FELINA(anagram for FINALE): that’s why I titled this poster FINALE cause it’s not the poster for the last episode (which I will be posting tomorrow evening after the episode airs).

I just thought the season finale is too big for just one poster, so I am gonna post a few extra posters heading toward the end of this PHENOMENAL show.
Gonna miss you, BREAKING BAD :(



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